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Ultrasonic Flow Management

U-F-M B.V. / Ultrasonic Flow Management supplies ultrasonic fixed and portable clamp-on flow meters, Ultrasonic Flow Management also offers as flow measurement on site

U-F-M B.V. / Ultrasonic Flow Management specializes on ultrasonic non-invasive flow measurement for liquids and gas. U-F-M B.V.  supplies either portable or fixed clamp on flow meters, suitable also for ATEX zones. This equipment can measure all kind of liquid flow, such as, water, diesel, oil, and homogeneous mixtures such as water/ glycol or water/ sulfuric acid. Our ultrasonic clamp on flowmeters are also suitable for measuring energy- / massflow.

Why measure and control with U-F-M flowmeters?

  • No process stops necessary – Profit!
  • Flexible in designing new build factories – Reducing costs!
  • No spare parts necessary 24 hour service – Reducing costs!
  • No contact with aggressive media – Safety!
  • No obstruction and wear in pipes (contactless)
  • No leakage – Environment!
  • No recalibration – Reducing costs!
  • Independently of process pressure – Flexible and safe!
  • Wide range in pipe diameters ( 3mm – 6500mm ) – Flexible!
  • Wide range in temperature (-180°C … +600°C) – Flexible!
  • All pipe material and all kinds of fluids are measurable – Flexible!
  • Accuracy 0,5…1,5% – Reliable!
  • Wide range in flow velocity (0,01 m/s – 25 m/s) – Flexible!
  • All liquids with gas bubbles and solids up to 30% – Flexible!

U-F-M B.V. / Ultrasonic Flow Management offers ultrasonic clamp on flow measurement at site, with optional extensive service report.
U-F-M B.V. utilizes an unique patented Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant™ , with this singular system the most ideal sensor distance is defined and a most accurate measurement will be accomplished.

U-F-M B.V. ; Sales, renting, leasing and service of ultrasonic clamp on flow instrumentation.

How does a flowmeter works?

How does a flowmeter works?

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