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U-F-M B.V. / Ultrasonic Flow Management clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters have been at the forefront of the development of new systems for the aircraft industry and are also suitable for regular maintenance and inspection activities.

Your situation
The non-invasive and non-intrusive flow measurement of liquids is a frequent requirement for research and development but also regular maintenance and inspection activities within the aircraft and aerospace industries.

Due to the special properties of the used liquids and the difficult to access measurement points, clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters are often the best possible solution.

Our solution
Several major European companies have been using the U-F-M B.V. KATflow range of ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters for the testing of aircraft hydraulic systems, including landing gears.

The hydraulic oils used in these systems are viscous and corrosive and therefore difficult to measure with conventional meters. Attempts to meter aircraft hydraulics using turbine flowmeters have been unsuccessful.

For this reason our customers have decided to turn to our clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters as the best available alternative. The main advantages of our clamp-on flow meters are their lack of inertia, ease of installation and the fact that they do not cause a pressure drop within the pipes.

In order to meet the customers’ requirement for instantly displayed flow readings, we have developed a fast response measurement mode that allows the flow meter to capture and output as much data as possible in a short period of time.

This resulted in a new range of clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters achieving a measurement and acquisition rate of down to 70 ms.

Our supplied clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters have proven to operate to full expectation making them a new key part of the testing procedures of aircrafts.

Advantages of clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters:
• Sensors can be installed on different parts of hydraulic systems
• No need to open hydraulic systems for measurement
• Easy to install even at difficult-to-access points
• Capable of measuring highly viscous liquids
• Short response time

Typical applications:
• Fuel distribution measurements
• Hydraulic flow measurements

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