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Various applications in the building services industry require non-invasive measurements of flow and heat quantity. By delivering exactly that U-F-M B.V. / Ultrasonic Flow Management clamp-on flow meters make buildings more energy-efficient and their servicing more straightforward.

Your situation
Rising prices for the supply of water and energy as well as newly introduced environmental regulations have increased the importance of running buildings more efficiently. The recently introduced CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme in particular has led to even stronger efforts to cut energy consumption and in turn reduce carbon emissions.

Savings in the consumption of water and energy can be achieved by checking and metering flow rates and thermal energy consumption on a number of systems as they can be found within buildings of any kind.

Our solution
Whether it is to retrofit meters to existing lines or to carry out spot measurement as part of maintenance work, service engineers try to avoid opening pipes and interrupting running systems. U-F-M B.V. Clamp-on flow meters are therefore the ideal solution for various applications.

Under floor heating
Whenever there are under floor heating (UFH) systems installed, it has to be ensured that they work with optimum efficiency.

As the clamp-on flow meters from U-F-M B.V. such as the hand-held U-F-M KATflow 200 are capable of measuring on pipes and flexible tubes of down to 10 mm in diameter, they are ideal to assist engineers during installation and commissioning of UFH systems.

Boiler plants
Regardless of the boiler age and type, the thermal energy produced is never entirely used for the intended purpose of heating a flowing medium. There are always heat losses from boiler casings and pipe work which lead to a reduction in the efficiency of a system.

The heat quantity measurement function available for the U-F-M KATflow 230 portable clamp-on flow meter, can deliver valuable information about the efficiency of a system. Both the flow rates and tem-peratures are measured by clamp-on sensors. This makes the metering process completely non-invasive and therefore very convenient.

The efficiency of a boiler plant can be affected by its control system as much as by the choice of boilers. In a retrofit situation, if the existing controls are rather old, they may not interface easily with a new plant.

This problem can be solved by introducing additional sensors which provide the information required by modern controllers. The fixed-installation clamp-on flow meter U-F-M KATflow 150 is the ideal solution to perform this very task. As it offers various process outputs and serial interfaces, it can easily be embedded into automated control systems.

HVAC systems
Air conditioning systems are used to condition the air supplied to buildings. This can be carried out by a number of systems from centralised forced ventilation units to simple localized solutions.

In most large air conditioned buildings the air is supplied by centrally located air handling units (AHU) which are fitted with a conditioning system using hot water heat exchangers for heating, and chilled water batteries for cooling. The latest designs use refrigeration / heat pump cassettes to provide both heating and cooling. These systems, however, require good control to ensure that they are operated efficiently.

As it is the key to their energy-efficient operation, the importance of a thorough commissioning of air conditioning systems can not be regarded highly enough. Furthermore, regular inspections can achieve additional savings in energy consumption.

It is here where the clamp-on flow meters from U-F-M B.V. can make a difference. They can give information on flow rates, temperatures, thermal energy consumption and – if required – can be used to temporarily or permanently monitor and control the performance of air handling units.

Fire sprinkler systems
Sprinkler systems have become a standard requirement for many newly built commercial and residential properties to protect the building and the people within it. To ensure they are in working order at all times, they have to be inspected regularly. Monthly maintenance includes checking the pressure in the pipes and making sure valves are undamaged and in the right position.

In addition to that, a main drain test should be conducted at least once a year. This test measures the flow of water to determine whether there is an interruption in the network.

For this activity the U-F-M KATflow 200 has proven to be an ideal tool. As it is very compact and light, the hand-held flow meter can easily be carried into hard-to-access locations and can be operated conveniently even in elevated positions.

Typical applications for the U-F-M KATflow clamp-on flow meters:

• Pump, valve and inline flow meter performance verification
• Measurements on water supply and disposal lines
• Boiler plant and air conditioning controlling
• Balancing of heating and cooling systems
• Inspection of air conditioning units
• Testing of fire sprinkler systems
• Water consumption monitoring

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