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marine-coverMarine and Shipbuilding

U-F-M B.V. clamp-on flow meters are used in many areas of marine engineering, ship building and ship maintenance – on commercial as well as on military vessels.

Your situation
Large ships can contain thousands of meters of pipe work carrying various fluids such as water, waste water, cooling and heating liquids, fuel and oil.

In some cases the permanent metering of lines becomes necessary once the ship has entered operation. In most cases regular spot measurements with portable units are required as part of maintenance and inspection work.

Ship applications are characterised by the facts that measurement points are often difficult to access and pipes can not be opened and flows not interrupted.

For these reasons there are always requirements for non-invasive and non-intrusive flow measurements throughout the ship’s entire life time cycle from construction and commissioning to offshore operation and dockyard overhauls.

Our solution
The history of the development of clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters results to some extent from the requirements of the shipbuilding industry.

In the early 1980’s engineers realised that there was a need for a portable tool to determine the flow rates of water, cooling liquids and fuels around the various on-board systems during the later stages of commissioning. For this reason several institutions started working on the prototypes of the early generation of clamp-on flow meters.

Since this time the technology employed by clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters has improved dramatically. The U-F-M Katronic flow meters of the U-F-M KATflow series are highly sophisticated and employ the latest transit-time measurement technology to deliver accurate and reliable measurements for flow velocity and volume flow.

Fixed installation flow meters
Our U-F-M KATflow 150 fixed installation flow meter is used with various commercial vessels to monitor fuel and oil consumption lines.

Typical applications for the KATflow 150:
• Fuel and oil consumption metering
• Control of ballast water systems

Portable flow meters
The compact and lightweight U-F-M KATflow 200 clamp-on flow meter is used on commercial as well as on military vessels including submarines.

The hand-held instrument has become a valuable tool for main-tenance work on fuel, oil, water, cooling and heating lines. Furthermore, the U-F-M KATflow 200 is playing a key role in the testing of fire extinguisher systems.

Typical applications for the U-F-M KATflow 200:
• Inline flow meter performance verification
• Inspection of fire extinguisher systems
• Pump and valve testing and inspection
• Leakage and blockage detection
• Consumption measurements

The U-F-M KATflow clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters can be used on vessels of various types, functions and sizes. These can be container ships, cruise liners, ferries, tankers, aircraft carriers or even luxury yachts.

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