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Non-invasive flow measurement in ATEX zones

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Non -invasive flow measurement in ATEX zones

How to measure flow inside 2500 kilometres of offshore pipelines safe, quick and accurate?

Safely flow measuring in ATEX zones with the KATflow 170 ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter of U-F-M

The North Sea currently counts over 1400 oil and gas platforms. Most of them were built between 1980 and 2006, implicating that linked pipelines are lying on / in the seabed for decades. Flow meters were not built in at the time…

Since then, flow measurement has increasingly become a critical parameter in the offshore industry (as well as others). After all, you do want to know how much gas or oil you are actually producing and transporting. And of course health and safety of your staff and strict environmental legislation are very important factors that cannot be overlooked.


Offshore mining is a continuous process, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is one of the reasons that makes working on a rig tough and not without risks. Because of the isolated location, regular emergency services cannot be called upon in the event of a calamity. Therefore a strict safety policy is of vital importance ….. This also applies to hired service engineers carrying out flow measurements at offshore locations.

Measuring flow and pressure provides security to process, personnel and environment. Using an ultrasonic flow meter, current volume flows can be monitored and visualised quick and easily. Both for gas and oil. The external mounting of clamp-on sensors makes this method an interesting alternative to in-line flow measuring, since it is not necessary to open the pipes to install a flow meter and to perform the measurement. This means that your production process is not interrupted and there is no risk of contamination or leaks.


Safely flow measuring in ATEX zones with the KATflow 170 ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter of U-F-M

Are extreme conditions demanding a lot of your measuring system? A corrosion-resistant, fully ATEX-certified clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter can offer the right solution. The KATflow 170 for example, has been developed for fixed installation in potentially explosive atmospheres (Ex Zones 1 and 2).

The Katflow 170 is optional provided with a special offshore coating. At U-F-M we tailor make this instrument to your requirements by adding inputs and outputs: HART / MODBUS / Temperature / 4… 20mA etc.


U-F-M stands for Ultrasonic Flow Management. As hands-on specialists in measuring flow, level and energy of liquids and gases, we understand how industrial flow processes work, as well as the need to control them. Our ultrasound method is non-invasive, our instruments are clamp-on, which means that no process interruptions are required in preparation of and during measurements. We provide solutions, flow meters and systems for fixed and portable measurement setups. We also perform ultrasonic flow measurements on location.

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