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The market for flow measurement processes has been looking for years for solutions with a longer life span, that are safe as well as time-saving, and are therefore cost-effective.
Think of all the dangerous situations involved with the classic way of measuring, when a pipeline containing hazardous liquids needs to be opened up to insert a conventional flowmeter. In addition, it is a costly matter to interrupt the process.

U-F-M distinguishes itself within this market with ultrasonic measurement products. Safety, health, environment and sustainability are top priority.

With U-F-M products, you can measure the flow rate of liquids through the clamp-on method. Ultrasonic sensors are installed onto the outside of the tube. As a result, your process is not suspended and you will save costs. Because you do not come into contact with the medium (fluid and / or gas), you create a safer working environment.

U-F-M has good results in several markets such as oil, gas, energy, petrochemistry and water boards. We are proud to contribute to a sustainable environment.

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