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In an industry where sterility is paramount, the clamp-on flow meters of the U-F-M B.V. KATflow series have been proving to be the perfect solution for contactless and hygienic flow measurements.

Your situation
There are two basic types of pharmaceutical water: Water for topical use and cleaning (sterile purified water, or PW), and water for injection (WFI). This includes sterile water for irrigation and most sterile water for inhalation.

As the integrity and sterility of the pipelines has to be maintained at all times, opening of pipes has to be avoided whenever possible. Traditional flow meters, however, are installed inside of the pipe and for this reason can create areas where microbiological growth can occur.

Furthermore, the need for pipe modification makes these systems far from ideal when they have to be retrofitted or when future requirements for recalibration have to be considered.

Our solution
It is for these reasons that the U-F-M B.V. KATflow clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters excel in this field. As they can be installed by clamping the sensors onto the outside of the pipes, there is no need to cut into them. The customer therefore can be sure that the integrity and sterility of the pipeline is not compromised at any time.

Additionally, as our instruments employ ultrasound to measure both flow velocity and volume flow, they are perfectly suited to the measurement of ultra pure liquids.

The flow sensors are manufactured with a stainless steel head, have a high IP rating and are perfectly designed for clean room installation. They can be employed on pipes of every common material including various plastics, stainless steel and flexible tubes.

Furthermore, the sensors of the U-F-M B.V. KATflow ultrasonic flow meters cover a pipe diameter range from 10 mm to over 250 mm without the need for modifications on the transmitter or sensors.

Katronic offers portable clamp-on flow meters such as the U-F-M KATflow 200 and U-F-M KATflow 230 which are ideal for spot measurements.

For permanent metering tasks U-F-M B.V. / Ultrasonic Flow Management can supply the U-F-M KATflow 150 clamp-on flow meter for fixed installation. As the U-F-M KATflow 150 can be equipped with process outputs and serial interfaces, it can also easily be embedded into process control systems, e.g. to control the function of pumps and valves.

The U-F-M B.V. clamp-on flow meters can be employed at many different stages of pharmaceutical water production.

Typical applications for the U-F-M KATflow clamp-on flow meters:
• Feed and waste water metering during membrane processes
• Measurement of supplied raw water to pretreatment facilities
• Recycle and recovery flow rate metering on RO systems
• Feed water metering for softening and deionisation units
• Point-of-use measurement for manufacturing processes
• Backwash flow rate measurements

Other pharmaceutical areas
The use of our clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters is not only limited to the production of pharmaceutical water. They for example can also play an important role in the production of liquid medicines which include liquids, solutions, syrups and mixtures.

The manufacturing of tablets holds further opportunities for the use of contactless flow measurement when, for instance, wet granu-lation has been chosen as production process.

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