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Increasing the efficiency of factories has become more and more important and clamp-on flow meters can provide valuable information to achieve this goal.

Your situation
Increased global competition, rising raw material and energy prices and newly introduced environmental regulations have made efficient manufacturing processes essential for the sustainable success of businesses.

With regards to liquid flow processes, clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters can help to determine areas for optimisation or can become an integral part of more efficient production processes.

Our solutions
The main reason for the use of clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters is the requirement for non-intrusive and non-invasive flow measurements.

In times of “just-in-time production” the constant output of a factory is often crucial for its cost-effective operation – downtimes for the installation of inline flow meters can therefore not be afforded.

No disturbance
As the ultrasonic sensors of our flow meters are mounted onto the surface of the pipe, there is no pressure drop, no risk of leakage and no disturbance of the flow at any time. This ensures an unrestricted flow and stable flow rates which are essential for processes such as spray painting applications.

No time delay
Furthermore, with a response time of one second, our clamp-on flow meters give you almost instant readings – a useful feature to accurately monitor pulsating flow rates or injection applications.

No limitations
The flexibility of our portable and fixed-installation flow meters enables them to be used at many different parts of a factory, for many different liquids and on pipes of almost every common material and diameters from 10 mm to over 6000 mm (0.4” > 118”).

Clamp-on flow meters for your R&D
Research and development projects can also create the require-ment for flow measurements on varying pipe diameters and materials.

The U-F-M B.V. KATflow clamp-on flow meters offer research engineers the greatest possible flexibility in terms of pipe material, size and liquids. This speeds up test procedures and makes your R&D more cost-effective.

More than flow metering
Additional features enable our instruments to be used for more than just flow metering. By using the optional speed-of-sound measure-ment function for example, our U-F-M B.V. clamp-on flow meters are capable

of monitoring changes in the condition of the liquid in order to provide information on concentration and density. This information can be used to employ our instruments as contactless product identification systems.

When equipped with PT100 clamp-on temperature sensors, our flow meters are also capable of providing heat quantity measurements to determine thermal energy consumption e.g. on HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems.

Typical applications for the U-F-M KATflow 150:

• Consumption and discharge monitoring
• Permanent monitoring of cooling lines
• Plastic moulding machine systems
• Controlling of HVAC systems
• Product identification
• Process automation
• Injection controlling

Typical applications for the U-F-M KATflow 200 and U-F-M KATflow 230:

• Pump and inline flow meter performance verification
• Measurement and balancing of liquid paint flows
• Consumption and discharge measurements
• Research and development applications
• Heat quantity measurements
• Scrubber pump evaluation
• Hydraulic system testing
• Engine testing

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