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Ultrasonic niveau meter


blackbox-ufmUltrasonic level meters, we put together two parts. The black box controller and a level transducer. The integral display option extends the capability of the blackbox range, allow- ing users to locally program the unit and give a readout of level. Economical and simple to program and operate, users benefit from extremely accurate and reliable digital echo processing with access to the dB range of transducers, measuring from 125mm (0.41ft) right through to 40m (130ft).

The integral keypad and display is available for any unit in the black- box range with the exception of the blackbox 136 CSO.
The integrated keypad and display means that you have complete flexibility in your control application, providing a local display for those applications that require local indication. Alternatively, blackbox with integral keypad and display provides an economical alternative for simple level measurement or control applications.

Blackbox units are compatible with complete range of transducers, giving a range ex-
tending from 125mm right through to 40m, on solids, powders or liquids. The Blackbox range benefits from DATEM (Digital Adaptive Tracking of Echo Move- ment) digital echo processing, providing unrivalled performance particularly on difficult applications.

Non-contacting ultrasonic transducers
transducers-blackboxThe dB Transducer Series are ultrasonic transducers that can measure level in a wide range of liquids, powders and solids as well as open channel flow applications.

The dB Transducers have a compact, low power transducer design that can be I.S. certified and uses standard interconnecting cables, yet produces extremely high acoustic power to give exceptional results in a wide variety of challenging situations.

All transducers also have flammable atmosphere approval as standard. dB Transducers can be teamed with any of control units to create the perfect solution for your application.

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Typical Applications

  • Solids, powders and liquids level measurement
  • Non-contact level measurement

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