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High accuracy open channel flow measurement

FlowCERT / Speedy

  • Easy prompt set up
  • Large standard on board memory gives 1 year log at 10 minute intervals
  • Five control/alarm relays
  • Flow totalisation and outputs
  • Optional: Speedy velocity sensor for area x velocity (Q=VA calculation) in channels or pipes
FlowCert System - Flow Measurement

Pulsar’s FlowCERT system gives you everything you need for the industry’s highest accuracy non-contacting ultrasonic measurement of open channel flows.

Designed for flumes and weirs, this system provides temperature-independent, reliable measurement and logging facilities.

Liquid velocity sensor

flowcert3Speedy is a steamlined, easy to fit liquid velocity sensor for use in channels, pipes or sections where no Primary Measurement Device (PMD) exists.

Pulsar’s Speedy velocity sensor communicates digitally and is designed to connect to the flowmeter’s open channel flow monitor via it’s on-board RS485, it provides the velocity measurement for velocity x head calculations of flow rate where no primary measurement device exists. Speedy can be mounted up to 250m from the controller. Speedy is available as a “wedge” sensor with a stainless steel base plate or as a pipe mounted sensor.



Typical Applications

  • Open channel flow measurement where no Primary Measurement Device (PMD) exists
  • Channels, pipes or sections


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