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Ultrasonic Level Measurements

IMP level meter

  • Compact self contained level measurement
  • Calibrate without com- promising the IP67 rating
  • Simple menu led set up
  • High power and narrow beam angles
  • RS232

IMP range is non-contacting ultrasonic level measurement without compro- mise. Compact, low-profile self contained units with the benefit of digital echo pro- cessing specially designed for IMP.

Simple programming without affecting the IP rating via the integral keypad or using IMP PC, IMP’s own PC software that lets you program the unit, view and download echo profiles and parameters.

There is an IMP to suit your application. 3m, 6m and 10m range versions are available and each can be wired for 2 wire or 3 wire operation. 2-wire Intrin- sically Safe (I.S.) versions are also available. All IMPs feature LCD displays and digital temperature meas- urement and compensation. Imp also has 2 relay outputs as standard.

You can use IMP wherever you need reliable non-con- tacting level measurement: digital echo processing means IMP is perfect for solids or liquids. Sumps, tanks, silos. Anywhere you need a display telling you the level, or an analogue output to interface with your site control system or drive a display.

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Typical Applications

  • Level measurement
  • High speed boot up requirements
  • Narrow beam angle
  • Combined transducer and controller

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