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Ultrasonic Clamp-On flow meter

KATflow 100

  • Cost effective measurement solution
  • Sturdy aluminium enclosure
  • Ideal flowmeter for large scale projects
  • Pipe diameters: 10 mm to over 6000 mm 
  • For pure, clean, dirty and aerated liquids
  • Temperatures: -30 °C to +80 °C
  • Bi-directional flow measurement
  • Accuracy: ±0.5 % (velocity)
  • Available with special “P” sensors for simple applications
  • Heat quantity measurement function (optional)
  • Process outputs incl. Modbus and HART* (optional)
  • Incorporated bi-directional totalizer
  • Meter diagnostic functions
  • Data download via RS 232 or USB cable
  • Real time data transfer possible
  • Intuitive flow meter menu and Setup Wizard
  • Unique Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant™

The KATflow 100 is for permanent flow metering applications. The flow meter has a reduced specification for applications where the more benefits of the more advances KATflow 150 and KATflow 170 are not required. Its small size also allows the installation of the flow meter in areas where the KATflow 150 would not be practical.

General information

The transmitter electronics are housed in a robust wall or pipe mounted aluminium enclosure and can be powered by AC or DC power supplies. In spite of its relative simplicity the KATflow 100 of U-F-M B.V. / Ultrasonic Flow Management still offers the user a wide range of input, output and communication interfaces such as RS 485, Modbus and the more traditional 4-20mA and Open Collector pulse.

katflow100-3One of the key features of the KF100 of U-F-M B.V. is its flexibility. The software and hardware platform allow us to configure the new flowmeter to suit specific customer requirements. In its simplest configuration the KATflow 100 can be supplied as a blind instrument with commissioning carried out using a handheld programming tool.

As with all other U-F-M B.V. Katronic models, the KATflow 100 offers an intuitive instrument menu and Setup Wizard which guides the user step-by-step through the meter configuration.

The correct installation of the clamp-on sensors on the pipe is made easy by the incorporated Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant™ which gives the user visual and audible indications during sensor mounting.

Heat quantity measurement and process outputs

As an optional item the KATflow 100 of U-F-M B.V. / Ultrasonic Flow Management can be configured for heat quantity measurement. By using two of the available slots, the meter can accommodate two PT100 temperature sensors. When equipped with this feature, the KATflow 100 incorporates measured flow and temperature values delivered by two PT100 sensors into heat flow and heat quantity.

Measurement technology

All KATflow clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters of U-F-M B.V. apply ultrasonic transit-time measurement technology.

This enables the instruments to provide highly accurate and reliable flow data for almost any kind of liquid regardless of its electric conductivity.


Typical applications

  • Water and wastewater measurement
  • Large metering projects
  • Monitoring and controlling of HVAC systems
  • Hydraulic system flow measurements
  • Fuel consumption on ships
  • Clean room applications, demineralised water measurement
  • Automated process control

* HART is a registered trademark of the HART Communication Foundation

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