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KATflow 180 G

Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter for gas


The KATflow 180 G measures the flow of almost every gas based on the tried and tested transit-time principle. The ultrasonic sensors are simply clamped on the outside of the pipe, so that it remains intact and process interruptions are a thing of the past.
This gas flow meter is the ideal instrument for service and maintenance applications, control and inspection or even temporary replacement of measuring points that are not accessible with permanently installed measuring equipment.

Katflow 180 g ( gas ) - ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter - with 2" mounting frame | U-F-M | Ultrasonic Flow Management

KATflow 180 G with 2″ mounting frame

Katronic flowmeters are well established for liquid flow applications and can now be applied for the non-invasive measurement of gases. The new method not only provides measurements at high pressure gas flows but also down to atmospheric conditions even in steel pipes which was impossible until recently. This unique innovation is achieved through advances in sensor technology, powerful sophisticated electronics, adaptive filtering techniques and innovative signal processing algorithms using Digital Signal Processors (DSPUs).

Depending on the specific application, the KATflow 180 G uses Shear or Lamb Wave transducers to achieve an optimum signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). It is therefore important that the relevant parameters are evaluated on the basis of our application form.

  • measurement from the outside ; nó process interruptions
  • for safe and dangerous (ATEX) areas
  • stainless steel sensors (Shear and Lamb Wave, IP68)
  • optional: inputs for temperature, pressure and gas compression
  • media: air, argon, carbon monoxide, ethane, ethylene, helium, hydrogen, natural gas, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, oxygen, process gas, propane, saturated steam, sour gas
  • pipe Ø range 25 mm tot 1500 mm
  • suitable for commonly used pipe materials
  • temperature range safe area sensors  -20 °C to +135 °C
  • temperature range Ex-sensors (ATEX) -40 °C to +80 °C
  • flow velocities 0,1 m/s to 75 m/s
  • pressure range 1 bar (absolute) to unlimited maximum
  • measurement on natural gas pipelines
  • natural gas storage stations
  • control of compressor stations
  • sour gas measurement
  • synthesised gas flow measurement
  • compressed air measurement
When installing all ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters, the sensors are simply clamped on the outside of the pipe. This means that the pipe remains intact and there is no risk of blockage, leakage or pressure loss.
The KATflow 180 G ultrasonic flow meter works based on the transit-time technology. This gives the instrument high accuracy and reliable flow data for almost every liquid and gas, regardless of the electrical conductivity of the medium.



If you perform flow measurements only once in a while, renting the necessary equipment might be a good idea. Here, at U-F-M, you can rent the KATflow 180 G per day or per week. Options are : taking the measurements yourself, or leave it to our qualified service engineers.

We are happy to assist you with technical advice and support.