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Ultrasonic clamp-on flow / level switch

Sonocontrol 14

The intelligent compact sensor SONOCONTROL 14 is designed for the detection of the position of pistons in hydraulic cylinders or pressure accumulators and for the monitoring of fluid levels. The sensor enable contactless measurement through the wall of a pipe or tank and is in particular suitable for use in the chemicals industry, in hydraulic engineering applications or in the construction of plant or power station machinery.

The SONOCONTROL 14 sensor is simply attached to the outside of the cylindrical container without interruptions to the operation of the machinery being necessary. Due to the fact that no other mechanical installation is necessary, there is no need to open up apertures in the cylinder wall, thereby avoiding subsequent problems with leakage.

At the customer’s request the sensor can be finely-tuned on-site to meet the customer’s specific measurement requirements. The sensor is ready for operation immediately after installation. This makes the sensor particularly suitable for serial applications in the fields of automation and mechanical engineering.

Due to the fact that they have no moving parts, the sensors are free from wear and therefore maintenance-free. Irrespective of thickness of wall or pressure within the container, the sensors deliver a reliable switch signal for the control of the systems and with the integrated LEDs an additional optical control for the on-site systems operator. As an option we also offer the compact sensor in a form suitable for use in areas with risk of explosion.


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