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U-F-M service engineers are here to provide flow measurements at your location. They do this using ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters. These portable flowmeters provide insight in both flow and energy flows. When desired, we also carry out the reports.

Service and support : 24 hours a day. Also on weekends in case of emergencies.

U-F-M MEASUREMENT SUPPORT – some applications

  • multi-product pipeline / pigging
  • sprinkler and deluge systems
  • heating and cooling systems

ENERGY ADVICE – customized

High energy consumption ? You’re not exactly sure where your energy goes ? When and where does your consumption peak ?

About 30% of your production costs are spent on energy. It is important to have insight into the energy flows within your factory or building. There could be an opportunity to recover energy, use residual heat, improve efficiency or another way to save energy. Let U-F-M help you with a customized energy advice.

RENT A FLOWMETER – from 1 day

Your flexibility is imporant to us. That is why our portable ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters are available for both short and longer periods of time. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a flowmeter for just one day.  And of course you can also count on us and our stock if you’re in need of a flowmeter for a week or several weeks in a row.

Ultrasonic flowmeasuring is to manage what is going on inside your piping system. From problem to solution in only 3.5 hours. You can count on U-F-M for service en support.


  • Liquids and gas
  • Reports (incl. calibration)
  • Equipment calibration at least once a year
  • Datalogging (1 million measurements)
  • Remote readout capabilities (GPRS)
  • 24hr support, also during weekends

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